Bodyweight Leg Workout PART 2: Resistance Band Exercise Combo

Friday, May 28th 2010

Here’s another awesome “co-ed” home gym workout doing a Medium/High Intensity Bodyweight Leg Workout (Part 2) combination with Resistance Bands.

It’s an exercise sequence which can be done as a mini-workout or combined with other lower body, core and/or upper body exercises for a longer home or office workout session.

Again, you’ll notice I do this leg workout barefoot (only socks, no sneakers). This makes the exercises more challenging, as balance becomes a bigger factor – and more muscle fibers are kicking in to help, etc….

Master this with sneakers first, before trying it barefoot.

As always – Get your doctor’s permission/clearance before starting a new exercise program. Remember, it’s better to play it safe than it is to be sorry & hurt, right?

Workouts on The Atlas Home Gym System allow you to take total advantage of the muscle stimulating effects created by the synergistic combo of: Form, Tempo and Sequence in the workout programs. So your results are seen and felt in the shortest period of time – with maximum safety and minimal risk of injury as compared to more grueling methods of exercise and fitness programming.

A finess lifestyle focused on bodyweight exercise principles guides the human body toward it’s potential in a natural way – as opposed to the grinding “wear and tear” approach of typical weight-lifting and isolation-type gym machines that are crammed into the typical fitness center.

Pursuing fitness this way is realistic and easily sustainable for the long haul – In other words ‘for life’. Some consider it an ‘unfair advantage’.

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