Bodyweight Leg Workout PART 1 with Resistance Band Combo

Thursday, May 27th 2010

This Medium-to-High Intensity Bodyweight Leg Workout (Part 1) Combo with Resistance Bands is a short exercise sequence which can be done as a mini-workout or combined with other lower body, core and/or upper body exercises for a longer training session. It’s Co-Ed, so male or female can crank it up here…

1 – Slow Step-Downs
2 – Slow Side Step-Downs
3 – Slow Step-Downs with Band Resistance
4 – Lunge with Back Leg Elevated
5 – Single Leg Squat with Band Resistance

You’ll notice I do this leg workout sequence barefoot (socks). This makes it more challenging as balance becomes a bigger factor. Master this with sneakers first, before trying it barefoot.

As always – Get your doctor’s permission/clearance before starting a new exercise program. Remember, it’s better to play it safe than it is to be sorry & hurt, right?

Workouts on The Atlas Home Gym System allow you to take total advantage of the muscle stimulating effects created by the synergistic combo of: Form, Tempo and Sequence in the workout programs. So your results are experienced in the shortest amount of time – with maximum safety and minimal risk of injury as compared to more grueling methods of exercise and fitness.

An exercise program focused on bodyweight exercise principles guides the human body toward it’s potential in a natural way – as opposed to the grinding “wear and tear” methods of typical weight-lifting and isolation-type gym machines that are crammed into the typical fitness center.

Training this way is realistic and easily sustainable for the long haul – In other words ‘for life’.

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